[Harp-L] Insane digital Harmonica Video

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Sat Mar 12 14:07:55 EST 2022

Randy Singer wrote:

Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2022 14:11:22 -0500
From: randy singer <randy at xxxxx>
To: HarpL* <harp-l at xxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Insane digital harmonica video
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We should get this guy in Spah!!!

Please forward this to those in charge.

The digital harmonica is now a reality.


With all due respect Randy - he's BEEN to the last few SPAHs.   YOU are the
guy we should get in SPAH!  lol!

Also the digital harmonica has been a reality for several years.   In
addition to the HM12 there is the Lekholm DM48 and now the wireless

And finally regarding the video you posted.  Yes he's an insanely good
player - but I wouldn't mind hearing a few chords now and then.

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