[Harp-L] Availability of the Asia Bend harmonica?

ken karpowicz karpowicz@xxxxx
Mon Mar 7 06:22:47 EST 2022

 The last time I asked him about the Asia Bend, well over a year ago, he said, as well as I can remember, that it was not in production because he was not pleased with the build or production of the instrument. You might want to search for the forum folkharmonica.freeforums.net and post a question there. The last time I visited that site I recognized a few members' names from the Brendan Power forum.

    On Sunday, March 6, 2022, 11:12:56 PM EST, Matthew Bullis <matthewbullisaz at xxxxx> wrote:  
 Hello, I realize this may be another in the issues of supply chain and manufacturing, but I hadn’t heard back about the stock availability of the Asia Bend model from Brendan Power. I sent an email, and I also posted on a thread about web site problems to the forum he has set up. Is there a better method of contact than the web email form or the web forum posting? Also, how do you like the model? It sounds very nice.

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