[Harp-L] amazing player I had forgotten about - J'oan Pau Cumellas

captron100@xxxxx captron100@xxxxx
Tue Jan 18 11:41:59 EST 2022

   I recently came across a fantastic diatonic player I had forgotten about - this 3 piece concert is from workshop last summer, July 2021 - Just 2 guys on harp, J'oan Pau Cumellas (pronounced like Ja-won) and Greg Zlap (Greg Szlapczynski from France), with perfect keyboard accompaniment. It's so amazing I wound up watching/listening to the whole thing. These guys are about as good as it gets. My ear tells me that their second song is in 1st position - great!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfE52v7Vmg . If my link doesn't work, search u tube for " Greg Zlap, Joan Pau Cumellas, Gabriel Mastronardi. Aalella 26 Julliet 2021 ".Ron - southernmost USA Harp-L'er  :)

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