[Harp-L] oh. my. gosh!

bfrain@xxxxx bfrain@xxxxx
Mon Jan 17 14:06:21 EST 2022

so...im at a jam in downtown austin last night, and got there early.
the band playing happened to be fronted by my salesman at guitar
center! he was blazing.
but the guy playing harp was running into a sonny jr with 4-tens, and
that amp sounded shockingly incredible! i had never heard that amp
before, except on videos, and you know how that goes..what an amp! if
i could lift it i would probably try to find one, lol..running a
vibrolux, and IT'S dang heavy enough...
so then i go to GC today to see if they had a harp i wanted to try.
the hohner crossover plays like a champ right outa the box ( they
suggest a break in period). best $94 i ever spent. ( except for my
wife's engagement ring). 
my fave was special 20, but compared to golden melody is a tank to
play. oskar makes great harps as well (especially unusual keys) but
this crossover is a real stunner! worth. every. dime.

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