[Harp-L] Modular Harp Demo by David Fairweather

bad_hat@xxxxx bad_hat@xxxxx
Sat Jan 15 06:46:30 EST 2022

Way cool, thanks for the demo David!  The minor version of that tuning 
has me really intrigued.  I do wonder one thing about the modular 
harmonica.  I am assuming the reeds are all tuned 12T ET.  I would think 
that as you assemble tunings you are bound to run into some pretty 
jagged chords depending on the combinations.  A good example of this 
would be harmonic minors tuned equal, ouch!  19 limit JI sounds a lot 
better.  I wonder short of retuning the reeds how one would mitigate the 
chord voicings?  fjm

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