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I booked him and Kenny Werner for SPAH 2001 (or 2000) in St. Louis. Sold out show as we opened it to the public with ticket purchase. Those were the days when SPAH's programs were so strong and BOD worked with me on opening up concerts to the public as well - made lotsa $ for SPAH in so doing, too... Toots even called afterwards to let me know he had made it back safely to his home in Belgium - kinda like grandpa would do to let his kids know he was ok. Fun times.

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Saw him at the Blue Note in 1999 and had a quick chat with him, a very nice man.

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Today is his birthday.  Google's doodle today is Toots with a link to
his wiki etc if you click on the doodle.  If the honour Stevie Wonder on
May 13th we'll know Google has a pro harmonica mole working the doodles.


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