[Harp-L] Adding Notes in Seydel 6 pack harmonicas

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Wed Apr 27 02:15:25 EDT 2022

Get any answers to that, Clark? A rather obtuse question and not easy to
answer succinctly.
If you half-valve a standard  diatonic, that is, valve the draw reeds 1-6
inside, and blow reeds
(if you want to go that far) 8-10 (outside) then the notes that don't
normally bend will give you a  single reed bend (without the sympathetic
overtones of the opposing reed)
like bending a chromatic.
As for filing reeds, it depends on exactly what you do, to which reeds.
The most common alteration to a diatonic is raising the draw 5 reed a
This gives you the major seventh in second position (F# on a C harp) and it
can still be bent down to the flat seventh.
The Seydel 'Six-Pack' is just six diatonics, as far as I can see.
If you have any specific questions, fire away.
I play customised Sub30s and chromatic these days.
I play steel guitar too, and many of the problems with that instrument are
similar to that of the harmonica.
Change the tuning to make something work better, and you lose something
Play pedals, and it's like shifting to chromatic; more to go wrong!
I do not like the sound of half-valved harps, and I have had therapy to
help me stop overblowing (my dog doesn't like it)

On Fri, 22 Apr 2022 at 23:26, Clark Warren <bclarkwarren at xxxxx> wrote:

> Can filing or valving the note holes in Seydel 6 pack harmonicas add
> additional notes?
> Clark

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