[Harp-L] Amazing Grace

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Mon Apr 11 10:49:04 EDT 2022

On 11 Apr 2022, Mikael Backman wrote: 
I am putting together a list of memorable harmonica-performances of the great hymn Amazing Grace. So now I am curious, what are your favourite version of Amazing Grace?
Hi, Mikael. I'm sure you will get a lot of repeat confirmations of this one - Howard Levy's versions, of which there are several on You Tube. His techniques are amazing; for example, playing the melody out of the right side of his mouth while playing different notes or a drone at the same time out of the left side of his mouth; bending notes while doing the same thing; flawless playing while changing keys several times; his ability to incorporate chromatic playing on a diatonic harp; plus other techniques that will be not even noticed by others who are not intimately familiar to the peculiarities of our favorite instrument. Here's but one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmL4RM7IA7ARon - Southernmost (United States) harp-l'er, Florida Keys

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