[Harp-L] Microphones for harmonica playing

captron100@xxxxx captron100@xxxxx
Sun May 30 12:28:26 EDT 2021

The other day, a poster advised me that a link that I sent in answer to the above subject did not work properly. The following is my clarification: Thank you for advising me that the link I sent did not work properly. I'm not sure what happened, perhaps because the URL in my post included my own name? To get that URL that I came up with (https://www.patmissin.com/ffaq/q33.html), I googled "pat missin harmonica mics" and an article titled, "What do you know about microphones & amplifiers?" was one of the choices that popped up. The article  turns out to be in answer to a question from one of Pat's pages called "Fairly Frequently Asked Questions", under a sub-title, "Technical Questions".   Anyway, I'm glad that you found Pat Missin's excellent website, which altho hasn't been mentioned in a long time on harp-L, is a most highly revered, in depth source of harmonica info.ron - Florida Keys, USA

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