[Harp-L] Quest for Tone in Amplified Blues Harp.

Michael Easton diachrome@xxxxx
Wed May 26 14:37:59 EDT 2021

Pete will be 84 next month.  He is in a hospice ward of a Rehab Center. 
He broke his hip there in January and is bed ridden AFAIK. 

I hope to visit him now that I’ve had both covid shots. 

His wife said Pete can’t remember the password to get into their computer so it is locked. 
I may talk to his wife about putting his products up for sale on my website and give her the proceeds. 

I worked with Pete on a couple of his later books and an article in Vintage Guitar Player providing the photography. 

I’ll keep Harp l informed as I know more info. 

Take Care
Michael Easton

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> Dear Harp-L,
> I couldn't find my copy of Pete Sheridan's Quest for Tone in Amplified
> Blues Harp, which I bought in like 1995. Pete's website (
> www.petesheridan.net <http://www.petesheridan.net/>) doesn't seem to still be active. Anyone know if
> Pete's still with us? I'd love to buy a digital copy if possible. And if
> anyone ever wants to sell a Gibson GA-90, I'm your man.
> Cheers,
> Evan Meagher

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