[Harp-L] Member Complaint Regarding False Information and Harassment

A.P.Gentile pablo@xxxxx
Fri May 7 00:54:17 EDT 2021

 HI Thanks for your great site, Im happy to be a member. 
 I hate to come off as a crank, but need to inform you in regards to a 
false post by one  of your members.
  Steven Klien had a skype session with me where I played and demonstrated  
the horn attachments that we make. After that he purchased a whole set, 
posted a positive review and seemed very happy.
  He then somehow, (I got 3 different stories from him) bent one of them. 
(I think he must have sat on it) I immediately offered to replace it, we 
stand behind our products 100%,. He had a guy who could fix it and we 
agreed to split the costs, and I sent him half the bill. 
 After receiving the money, he then wrote to me saying he now decided that 
I should pay all of it with a thinly veiled threat to ruin our company by 
publishing unfavourable reviews. That's blackmail and extortion, so I just 
didn't answer. He has since posted two of these reviews on your site.
 There is no way to know how much this has cost us in lost revenue. I must 
add he has never asked for a refund at any point, and still hasn't.
 His real gripe isn't about the quality of our horns, but revenge for us 
not complying or bowing to his threats. I am loath to publish a public 
rebuttal and prolong the agony and harassment he is putting us through, and 
just wish this whole thing would disappear. 
 The administrators of various facebook pages have deleted his posts and he 
has gone to the point of sending messages to individual members. 
 If you can do anything about the slanderous posts I would greatly 
appreciate it.
 Thanks and Im looking forward to enjoying and participating in Harmonica 
 Please let us know. 
 Thanks and all the best


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