[Harp-L] Zoom Meeting technical issues

Robert Laferriere Woozle@xxxxx
Mon May 3 10:23:05 EDT 2021

Regarding zoom issues. Zoom has some of the best audio possible for online
lessons, IF you have it set up right. Zoom's built-in noise cancellation
features are designed to mute background music and sound, so when we play
harmonica, it treats us the same as a radio in the background of your zoom

Hopefully, the instructor has "Enabled Original Sound" on their end and
remembered to turn it in. That way, their harmonica will come through nice
and clean for you. They can even enable stereo and high definition sound to
make it crystal clear when listening to those backing tracks and such.

On your end, you may need to enable "original audio" in your settings.
Then, when the meeting starts, up next to the "record" button, you should
see a "Turn ON Original Sound" button. Click that, and you're good to go!
(If the button says "Turn OFF Original Sound," then you're already set up!)

Here's the zoom support link with detailed steps for desktop and mobile
versions of zoom.

Good luck! I use zoom for all my lessons. :)


Robert Laferriere
woozle at xxxxx

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