[Harp-L] Strange Set-up on Aero harp

Mike Rogers harpman9@xxxxx
Mon Mar 29 11:45:34 EDT 2021

This Hohner Aero harmonica has a very different set-up.  It's a C ten-hole
harmonica, but the 1 blow  is an E note and the 10 blow is an E.  there are
two rows of holes, with the upper being a lowoctave and the lower hole being
an octave higher.

What makes it odd is how they are set up.

Blow notes: E G C E G C E G C E

Draw notes: G B D F A B D F A B

There are 2 full scales in C, but the octave C is 9 blow and the B is 10
draw, as 10 blow is E.

If anyone has information about this harp, I'd love to know about it.




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