[Harp-L] Tuning Table wanted

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Sat Mar 27 20:23:04 EDT 2021

Greg, can't help you, but I'm looking for something similar, i think. When
I search using
the term you use, 'harmonica tuning table', I get equipment for diatonics,
but not chromatics.
What id it that you are looking for? Do you know of anything that might  be
what I'm looking for?
I also see tuning apparatus for accordions. Maybe they can be used for
Beats me!
Rick Dempster

On Sun, 28 Mar 2021 at 02:13, Greg Albert <gregalbert47 at xxxxx> wrote:

> I'm looking for a used harmonica tuning table. Can't afford a new one. If
> you have such please reply to albertharp47 at xxxxx Thanks

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