[Harp-L] new pedagogic videos on my patreon page

alexandre thollon thollonalexandre@xxxxx
Fri Mar 12 11:26:49 EST 2021

Hi everyone!
I released lots of pedagogic videos on my patreon page lately. so If you wish to improve your harmonica skills go check it out Alexandre Thollon is creating music and videos | Patreon
New videos released every month!
already online: -) a series of videos about how to bend your notes with only 4 positions of tongue (first video available for free here Comment altérer les notes à l'harmonica ? / how to bend notes on harmonica ?-) a series of video about how to play in tune (first video for free here How to play diatonic harmonica in tune? / comment jouer juste à l'harmonica diatonique?-) the tabs of performance and solos like this one Dm blues on a C harmonica (tabs on Patreon)-) some videos about blues licks-) some jazz solos (with and without overblown) with tabs and scores-)some exercise-) and much more to come....
so do not waste more time and click here https://www.patreon.com/user?u=31890540&fan_landing=true to check it out

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