[Harp-L] CNC File for HOHNER BLUES HARP Comb Blank for FREE!

Dennis Brooker dbrooker1@xxxxx
Mon Mar 8 20:47:23 EST 2021

Years ago I created a file for CNC applications for a HOHNER BLUES HARP Comb BLANK – BLANK meaning there is a little extra material on each side which allows the user to fit and finish the comb as they choose – Years ago I had a lot of these LASER cut using a laminated wood and sold them all so I want to mention I have NONE left for sale nor do I plan having any more made - I can provide the file in CDR, DXF, DWG or a PDF – This way you can get quotes from the vendor of your choice – Just send me an email with your choice of file type and I’ll email the file back to you – There are many LASER companies all over so it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you and choosing the material of your choice – I’ll do my best to answer any questions – Hope this provides some people with some fun projects – Dennis Brooker

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