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I can't answer your question, but I suggest you just give him a call at the number on his website (425-258-3585).  A couple of years ago, I needed an Eb minor tuned harp for a show and was short on time to get it. I called that number, ordered the harp for quick delivery, and was asking the rep a few questions and he asked "would you like to speak with Lee about that?' I said "sure," on hold for a bit and then Lee and I had a nice conversation. He was very gracious with his time and more than willing to talk harmonica. Maybe I just got lucky with the timing of my call, but it's worth a try to get your answer straight from the horse's mouth.
Tom McGovern

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Hello all
Can anyone clue me in on a couple other pedals Lee uses on Low Rider? I’ve only used an octave with a low C harp for solo. Major C for hook.

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