[Harp-L] Howard Levy's Musical Journey

Roger Trobridge gopher@xxxxx
Thu Dec 9 17:13:32 EST 2021

Howard Levy talks and plays through his personal musical journey from 
the 1970s with examples from blues, Bach, Chick Corea, Jazz, The 
Flecktones. Balkan Rhythms and his own  classical Concerto compositions. 
- and demostrates his command of tongue blocking along the way.

I was lucky to get the chance to spend some time with Howard during the 
recent HarmonicaUK online festival and I have just uploaded this rare 
chance to watch Howard discussing some significant periods in his 
musical life as session player, group member and soloist.

If you want to understand more about the man and his music it is well 
worth a watch.


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