[Harp-L] Electronic harmonica—“Fanfare for the common man”

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Thanks so much for the kind words, Randy and Winslow!

SPAH had such a fantastic lineup of performers this year; I am honored to have been included.

I'm planning on releasing all of the tunes from the SPAH show, one every week or so, over the next couple months. The second tune in the set, Super Bon Bon, is scheduled for public release tomorrow, but I'm glad to offer it to Harp-L folks now. It uses the same pitch-shifting and tone-shaping tech as the Fanfare (also using diatonic harmonica), controlled through the MiniMIDI JOYstick, but it's not classical... more alt-rock origins, assembled in a looper/busker fashion.

Super Bon Bon - looped harmonica and percussion cover<https://youtu.be/FFiUBxmM7go>
This video is an excerpt from a longer show which originally aired on August 11 as a part of the 2021 SPAH virtual conference (Society for the Preservation a...

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That's only the beginning of the 20 minute-plus show that John delivered for the the 2021 SPAH convention. The whole thing is highly worthwhile and innovative in his use of the harmonica coupled to electronics (not a midi harmonica) used in a modern context. I watched it when presented during the convention; not sure when it will be generally available.
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 The future is here IMO
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