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Michael Scott had forwarded this reply to me, he had a told some of his
story to Roger Trowbridge.  I think it may be of interest to subscribers
so I am now forwarding it to the harp-l list.  Michael is not subscribed
to harp-l so I have cut his address out of the communication. 

> Sorry, really don't know who of you all would really be interest in any of
> my history ,  to me it's a boring one,  but please let me know who ,
> Of any would want any of the back ground......thanks, michael
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Michael Scott
>>> Question,  Roger is it?  How are you ?   I unfortunately came down some
>>> two years ago with, a lung problem, server, but dealing with its
>>> limitation,  mainly playing Chord, it's a little, of readjusting to
>>> have it not a completely surrender.
>>> That's another story.  Tell me Roger, what part of this crazy world of
>>> Harmonicas are you attached to?   I myself been playing , since I was
>>> using my older brother John's  harmonicas,  left home while he was out
>>> at sea in the U. S. NAVY.......... (Use to clean them up before he came
>>> home on shore leave)  that's another story.......
>>> A round the same time the Cats came out with "Peg ".  John played with
>>> two buddies aboard ship,  called them self "The Phifff Trio" I don't
>>> have any information about them, never heard them....
>>> Just assumed they played well?  At one time he came home with the
>>> largest playable harmonica ever made, so I was told, learn that as time
>>> moved on....
>>> He had purchased this some were in Europe , can't remember where.
>>> Anyway it size was well over 3 feet,  larger then the Chord it self.
>>> Someone took the pains and efforts to redesign the Vennetas by filing
>>> the reeds and adding sod-er to others.
>>> This person made almost every chord, even augment and diminish .
>>> It was very large , to me that is, only trouble it never had a case
>>> made.   Which made it dangerous to transport . And of course eventually
>>> it had breakage ......
>>> It wasn't long before it wound up In a shoe box....believe it or not,
>>> for years I was getting calls about this particular harmonica.....
>>> Roger there's plenty more if you want? Don't want to bore you......
>>> Let me know, any thing in particular ?
>>>                      Stay well, and safe,   Michael   (my Family name
>>> is ) (Pignataro ).
>>>        Ciao'
>>> .

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