[Harp-L] Empty boxes

David McCurry david.mccurry@xxxxx
Thu Aug 5 15:32:33 EDT 2021

Does anyone have a use for the empty cases used to ship diatonics and
chromatics? I have (probably like many of you) a box of boxes and cases
that I really never use and would be happy to send for the cost of shipping
to anyone with a use for them. I have 2 Super64X cases, a bunch of Hohner
Crossover (formed nylon with zipper), Marine Band plastic boxes, a Manji,
Special 20s, and some others.

I also found these below (just for interest's sake, not selling or giving
away). One of them had a brand new MB in key of B with the insert. From the
mid to late 80s I think. Anyone out there know when they stopped shipping
out in the paper boxes?


Dave McCurry

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