[Harp-L] Tombo mu-01 2248

jross38@xxxxx jross38@xxxxx
Tue Apr 27 13:25:16 EDT 2021

I was trying to find reviews for the Tombo mu-01 2248 chromatic 


and wasn’t really able to find anything.  A video of Rei Yamashita playing a ton of chromatics where she seemed to react positively to it, and a badly google translated blog I can’t find which indicated it was somewhat leakier than expected for the price, but I couldn’t tell if that was slider leakage or gapping related.

I’m interested in how the dual slider mechanism works in practice.  My tendency is to assume my ore sliders equals more slider leakage, but perhaps they’ve managed to solve that issue—it certainly is a clever design (though a bit of a solution in search of a problem, IMO).

Thanks for any replies.

Jonathan R. Ross

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