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2021 Convention Update
The virtual 58th Annual SPAH Convention will be held on-line August 10-14:
“SPAH Week 2021.”
Those of you who attended in 2020 know how much fun we had and how much financial help we provided our performing and teaching community. We are building on what we accomplished in 2020, adding many of the ideas suggested by members and others, to bring you an even better, more comprehensive and exciting event in 2021.
Here are some highlights for SPAH Week 2021:
(Note: Performers and Teachers are subject to change)

«    Mark Hummel, Jason Ricci w/Joe Krown.
«    The Music City Allstars with PT Gazell, Jelly Roll Johnson, Pat Bergeson on harp & guitar, Buddy Greene, Charlie McCoy & Tim Gonzalez, along with Jeff Taylor on accordion and keys
«    Afternoon shows on the Founders’ Stage: Billy Boy Arnold w/ Eric Noden; and some of the best young international performers - brought to SPAH Week by the Youth Committee
«    And Featuring: Don Ceasar, The Haymakers (Kansas Bluegrass and Roots Music), Brian Brazil, Christelle Berthon, Paul Gillings, The Triple Screen Trio (Boaz Kim, Chris Bauer and A J Windmeyer), John Shirley (MIDI-harp) and more to come
«    The Fabulous Tuesday Blues Blow-Off hosted by Mark Hummel. You know how great this will be, featuring: Aki Kumar, Nic Clark, Gary Smith, Andy Santana, and of course Mark Hummel and his band (Rusty Zinn, June Core & Bob Welsh).                    Co-sponsored by C.A. Seydel Söhne
Need we say more, WOW!

o   Several tracks during each afternoon
Several tracks during each afternoon.
o   Seminars include Diatonic workshops:
Michael Handler-breath,hand positions and Embouchure intro
John Gindic -fundamentals; Breath, Embouchure, Articulation, and Timing
Ronnie Shellist-improv skills, building muscle memory, instincts and vocab
Bertram - big acoustic tone, easy rhythms, fast chugging
Jason Ricci- arpeggiating Major Triads and Dom 7th chords over 12 bar
David Kachalon- Duo playing /Train Imitation
Lonnie Joe Howell- simple blues licks and grooves
Michael Rubin- playing in minor with a regularly tuned harp
Boaz Kim-beyond three chords with multiple diatonic harps 
Ben Hewlet - Bones of the Blues- 12 bar blues w/improvisation, in 4 keys on a C harmonica
I L harp trio (2 hours)- Tango & jazz teaching & interactive show
o   Chromatic workshops:
Boaz Kim - mastering the slide on the chromatic, scale exercises, harp care
Neil Adler - basic playing requirements to up the lvl of your playing, songs
Michael Rubin- chromatic fundamentals
Rodrigo Reis- chromatic for the diatonic player
Guiulo Brouze- building melody and breathing techniques simple to complex
Rob Paparozzi- from Toots, Stevie and Norton Buffalo; chromatic to diatonic
Dennis Gruenling - study of little Walter and George Smith’s chromatic style
Jiayi He- baroque music on the chromatic
o   Plus:
Brendon Power and John Shirley - Mini Pitchbender Mk2 harp; sound like a trumpet, synthesizer, guitar. Change pitch, trigger samples
o   And Tech/customization
Keith Mitchell - harp software and its benefits
George Miklas - education, notation and learning music with the harmonica
Bertram Becher - diatonic reed adjustment, cleaning and disinfection
Richard Sleigh - Q and A, Reed Assessment and Adjustment
Kelly Cunningham and Jim Longly - how and why to tune and gear up your harp
o   Joe Filisko’s Teach-in on Thursday & Friday will include: Seth Shumate, Ronnie Shellist, Michael Rubin, George Miklas, James Conway, Don Ceasar, Dave Barrett, Cheryl Arena, Grant Dermody, Richard Sleigh, Lonnie Joe Howell, Cara Cooke, and Todd Parrott
o    Sponsor & vendor demonstrations and Q&A sessions
o    Chat rooms, including a BYO “Bar”, will be open to visit with your friends
o    Hosted Jam rooms
o    Private Green Room for Performers and Teachers
o    Awards Ceremony (please nominate your favorites).
o    Announcement of the 2021 SPAH Election results!
o    SPAH Annual General Meeting (AGM), Hear updates and make your voice heard.
o    Intermission videos, both from the archives, and more recent performances.
o    Pre-registration available under the Convention tab at www.SPAH.org <http://www.spah.org/>
o    SPAH Members receive the best ticket discount!
o    Available on Zoom to all registrants  Many performances will also be open to the public on YouTube
o    More details to follow!
Information about registration for SPAH Week 2021 is published here <https://www.spah.org/content.asp?contentid=163>. 
Further details will be provided in plenty of time to get your seat!

SPAH would like to thank its corporate Sponsors who have stepped up again this year to support the artists and teachers:
2021-22 SPONSORS
Platinum: Hohner, Inc.
Gold: Easttop
Silver: C.A. Seydel Söhne • Golden Bird - Qiling Musical Instrument Co.
Lone Wolf Blues Co. • BlowsMeAway Productions • Kongsheng Musical Inst. Co., Ltd
And vendors who have stepped up so far as SPAH Week Supporting Partners:
Philharmonicas, George Miklas’ Harmonica Gallery, Turbo Harp,
The Harmonica Lady, Masterharp Tuning Tables, New Harmonica, DaBell Co Ltd.
Please contact Phil Duncan if you would like to be involved in supporting SPAH Week 2021.
There is still time!
Please note: Performers and Teachers are subject to change.
Please stay safe and healthy.
PS Do you buy from Amazon? If so, please consider including SPAH as your chosen charity for Amazon Smile. Go to smile.amazon.com <https://smile.amazon.com/> to register

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