[Harp-L] Ben Sidran song / Olivier Ker Ourio

Andrew Garrigue agarrigue@xxxxx
Sat Sep 26 11:41:00 EDT 2020

I had the pleasure of seeing Olivier Ker Ourio perform a set at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany in 2009, when I was Harmonica Marketing Manager for Hohner USA. His playing was incredible, including plenty of the slower, more expressive jazz playing which I personally enjoy and admire more than the faster and busier playing that jazz harmonica players often default to. I recall he was from France, included some Miles Davis in his set, and was a very pleasant guy when I spoke to him afterwards. He was one of the most impressive and memorable players I saw at that wonderful festival. I am sure his recordings would be worth checking out. I feel Steve Baker and/or Gerhard Mueller are likely responsible for booking him there, and I thank them for that.  Andy Garrigue

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