[Harp-L] harp-l digests Vol. 205 issues 12 and 13 quoted text

owner-harp-l@xxxxx owner-harp-l@xxxxx
Sat Sep 26 10:34:06 EDT 2020

I need to apologise to our subscribers.  We had a query sent to the list
regarding the identity of a harmonicist playing on a youtube video.  The
query had extensive quoted text.  It was over the size limit and got held.
 I overrode the hold and sent it to the list.  4 people replied to the
post, those posts got held, again I overrode the holds and sent them to
the list.  The result was 2 digests of essentially garbage and 5 posts
that were huge for no reason.

Many posts get held for being over the post size limit.  Generally
speaking it is because the post has a lot of html text.  Overriding those
post holds is fine because  we don't allow html text and once the post is
demimed and sent they end up under the size limit.  In this case I made a
lazy assumption which turned out to be incorrect.  This was all quoted
text, it did not reduce in size and the result weas a ton of noise posted
to the list.  In the future I will be more diligent in my scrutiny and I
will reject these types of posts sending them back to the poster and
asking them to simply edit the posts to exclude quoted text then resend

I think posting from phones has accelerated the incidence of poorly edited
posts. It's tough to edit on a small screen with tools that were not
designed to handle an all text internet group. When I travel I admin the
list from an ipad.  I understand that issue.

Bottom line, this was my fault.  This is my job and I slacked on it.  We
get over limit posts constantly, we have a system that catches them and I
blew it by overriding it.  My apologies, I am endeavouring  to do a better
job in the future, harp-l-listowner

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