[Harp-L] Octave pedals...

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sat Sep 26 10:18:55 EDT 2020

 Larry Bloomfield wrote:
<Richard Hunter turned me on to RP guitar processors a few years ago and I
haven?t looked <back - very versatile including the octave effect. Glad I
bought a spare awhile ago now that <Digitech has discontinued - wonder if
they?re planning a new line of guitar processors?

1) Thanks!
2) I don't know what's up with Digitech.  They've apparently discontinued
all the RPs, including the latest one, the 360.  It may be that covid-19
hit them hard.  In the meantime, those RPs are still out there, they're
cheap, they're built like tanks, and they still sound great.
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