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Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Fri Sep 25 09:42:43 EDT 2020

 smooth1 wrote:
Hello...So I am in the market for an octave pedal.? I once owned a micro
pog?but it got legs.? So lately I've seen FOXY PEDAL.Not sure how it is.
Any advice on octave pedals would be awesome.

The first thing to know about an octave pedal is whether it tracks well
with the harmonica.  To find that out you have to play through it, using
the full range of the harmonica.  Play chords as well as single notes to
see what happens.

Electro Harmonix pitch shifter (POG, HOG, etc.) are used by many harmonica
players, and they work well with harp.  The pitch shifters in the Digitech
RP series pedals are the ones I use, and they track flawlessly all over the
range on chords and single notes over a 4 octave range (2 up and 2 down).
The pedals hav ebeen discontinued by Digitech, but they're very widely
available used in good to great condition at low prices.  An RP255 is the
least expensive RP that I'd recommend.

Regards, RH

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