[Harp-L] Stevie Wonder FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE

Robert Hale ynfdwas@xxxxx
Mon Sep 21 15:54:40 EDT 2020

Hi Michael,

I slowed down to minus180% the two notes "formerly known as the trill" and
they DO sound like bends. I compared other slide movements in the song, and
they clearly have a different character.

So I concede that they are bends, not hole or slide moves.  I can't get
more than a half step bend from a chrome, so I admire that from Stevie.

I think quartertone is a soft (diplomatic?) way out of this discussion. I
invite you to use a slow-down tool similar to Gold Wave to hear the
consistent bend pitch throughout that lick. It is a solid whole step.

Now, for players who transcribed a half step, how do you plead? <grin>

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