[Harp-L] Other Scales on Chrome: Charts for 12 Major Scales on C Chromatic

Richard Hammersley rhhammersley@xxxxx
Sun Sep 20 08:06:44 EDT 2020

Hi Robert
Under the tuition of Michael Rubin, I am learning all 12 scales on a C chromatic. As Michael teaches, this has proven a very useful as a way of improving both chromatic and diatonic playing, because you practice knowing where all the notes are and learn the notes in every scale. 
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Plus, it fosters accuracy in playing the right note, especially I have found when tackling the keys with flats in them. 

To help me - I am bad at memorising things - I created the attached set of charts, which you and your student may find useful. I find harmonica tab difficult to read at speed, so I mapped the notes required for each scale on to a diagram of a 10 hole chromatic instead. Then its ?just? a matter of practicing the scales. Michael is very good at not despairing at my innumerable errors :)

Best wishes

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