[Harp-L] Replacing reeds

JOSEPH LEONE 3n037@xxxxx
Mon Sep 14 13:48:10 EDT 2020

Reeds will usually fit OR be very close. 'IF' the reed is too WIDE you can file the sides down using a sanding wand. If too long you can trim the tip. Then you will have to re-tune it. 
If the reed is too narrow or short, you shouldn't use it. If the reed is lower than the pitch you need, you can use it. If the reed is higher, you shouldn't.   

I have used Hering reeds in Hohners, and vice versa. Even diatonic reeds in chromatics. When you get really good, you can even make a reed from a razor blade. lolol.

smokey joe & the Cafes.  

> On 09/14/2020 11:30 AM brian irving <coolblues64 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Are the individual reeds interchangeable between brands?  For example, will a 5 draw reed from a Hohner Special 20 fit a 5 draw reed from a Suzuki Manji (e.g. both C harps)?
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