[Harp-L] Guitar & Chrom with pedal

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Wed Sep 9 00:29:13 EDT 2020

Been fishing through my mail trying to find the clips of the door playing
guitar with a racked chromatic with a cable action pedal for the button.
Can anyone tell me who it was? Very interested in that pedal setup.
I found a similar thing featured on the Seydel site,
1623customharmonicas.com., under a section titledI wonder if this is where
he got it,'chromatic harmonica pedal and rack'. I wonder whether the chap
featured on harp-l got his from here, or did he make his own?
It appears the pedal was made by a fellow named Chuck Rejto, and Seydel are
marketing it. There is an email there contact Mr.Rejto.
I know of Vern's 'hands free' beast, but I don't want yet another custom
harp to deal with. Also I am no guitar player, and just want to be able to
strum some chords while I am playing (hate backing track!) This seems
simple enough. Could probably a make my own. I recall the price for Rejto's
was $600.
Thanks for any tips!

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