[Harp-L] Comprehensive guide to the Corner (or Tongue) switching technique

Mark Weber mailmweber@xxxxx
Fri Oct 9 16:29:45 EDT 2020

I took advantage of my time off to write a "Comprehensive guide to the Corner (or Tongue) switching technique":

The course covers exercises for beginner up to expert level.
The exercises build on each other to gradually widen your skillset.
I added some of my own sound examples as reference wherever I thought it can improve the understanding of that specific exercise.

I would very much appreciate  if you can leave feedback (via contact link) or a reply (on each of the pages you can leave a reply in the bottom form).
I am happy to incorporate additional ideas, proposals, and examples into the course.

Please enjoy and happy harping.

Mark Weber 
E-Mail: mailmweber at xxxxx
Blog: https://chromhistory.wordpress.com

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