[Harp-L] bitly links

owner-harp-l@xxxxx owner-harp-l@xxxxx
Fri Oct 2 08:33:11 EDT 2020

Do not click on bitly links sent to the list.  We are working on the
issue.  Bitly is a service where a very long link is condensed into a much
shorter one.  The problem with that is you cannot know where it actually
resolves to.  Recently subscribed accounts (2) have posted bitly links to
harp-l.  The first one was obvious, this second one less so.  Neither
account is able to continue posting bitly links but the trend is
troubling.  For the curious this latest link was a Dr Oz arthritis cure. 
You can resolve a bitly link by pasting it into a browser then appending
space+ at the end.  Hit return and bitly decodes it for you.

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