[Harp-L] Why do I find previous posts?

Ken H in Ohio airmojoken@xxxxx
Sat Nov 14 06:15:18 EST 2020

There use to be an active Google Group for Harp-L,
but Google stopped supporting the Groups sometime ago,
possibly last year, 2019.

Google decided to do away with them, mainly because of Facebook groups,
and various forums available today.

The Harp-L group still exists, but there is not any recent activity there.
I believe members of Groups have to correspond via email.

Ken H in OH

On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 10:12 PM brian stear <brianstear at xxxxx>

> I get Hap-L in email spurts. I asked a question and got some answers, but
> the emails got deleted before I could reply. How can I retrieve past
> posts/replies? Thanks.
> Brian

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