[Harp-L] What do YOU do?

brian stear brianstear@xxxxx
Tue Nov 10 21:31:03 EST 2020

Here's what I perceive as not a good example of harmonica in a song:

Seems like too many licks are everywhere, some when the voice is singing, some too loud. For me, it distracts from the song at times. The artist said he wanted me to be happy with the end result, so I presented a version with a lot less harmonica ( my idea  ). He prefered his idea, which was for me to play a lick at almost every space.. To be fair, he did pay me for my services. After he made his choice, I let it go. But when I listen to it, it bothers me.So, my question is;  Since I was hired to produce a product, then it's the customers to do with as they wish? Should I be grateful that the harmonica gets featured, whether or not I think it's a good example? Is it like baseball, you don't always hit a home run, but just keep swinging?  Obviously, if I was a high level player, I assume I'd have more artistic control. But at what point would YOU guys just let it go and say, well, that's what they want?    I know a bunch of you have way more studio and recording experience. That's why I'm asking. Disclaimer: The artist is very satisfied, and has me on tap to do something else in the future. 
Thanks for any and all insights!

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