[Harp-L] Love letter to The Bristol Folk House

Roger Trobridge gopher@xxxxx
Mon Nov 9 14:38:07 EST 2020

It you ever attended one of the 18 annual NHL/HarmonicaUK festivals we 
held in Bristol or are interested knowing what it was like, you might be 
interested in my love letter to the event.


This year everything went on line and it was very successful. Change 
drives innovation, but it also made me look back at what I had enjoyed, 
live, every year since 2001.

The video covers the walk through Bristol to the Folk House, the 
activities of the weekend and then has a great festival concert made up 
of some of my favourite clips from 2001 - 2018.

We had some great artists from the UK, Europe and the USA and I have to 
apologise that I could not include all of them in a brief 20 min video.

They are all featured in the rest of my video channel - 

Thanks to everyone who help it to be such a big success.


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