[Harp-L] Refurb offer on older HFC's

Michael Easton diachrome@xxxxx
Thu Jun 25 16:24:39 EDT 2020

I’m offering for a limited time reconditioning on older Hohner model HFC’s with external springs.  

I can upgrade your HFC with internal springs.  This is for the moulded plastic and Corian comb models. 

$75 plus return shipping.  HFC’s have to be post marked by July 4th 2020 to qualify.

After that I will no longer offer the upgrade. 

You can pay when the harp is ready to ship back. 

Check with me at my business email Fatheadmi at xxxxx <mailto:Fatheadmi at xxxxx> before shipping.  I will need to see a photo of your model to see if it qualifies. 

Take Care
Michael Easton

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