[Harp-L] New Album from 46 Long - "All Tom's Fault"

46long Blake 46long@xxxxx
Fri Jun 19 09:31:34 EDT 2020

Hello, group!  The pandemic forced our hand to stop procrastinating and
release our 6th album, "All Tom's Fault." It's 8 tracks - 5 original, 3
covers. We were working on two other originals, but then Covid hit, and I
haven't seen my musical partner since February let alone play music. So,
with a bit of a fatalistic attitude, we decided to just go with the eight
songs we already had in the bag. We're excited to put new music out to the
public! (Link to the music below.)

For those of you who know us, 46 Long is a duo (Jonathan Reynolds, guitar
and vocals, and me, Blake Taylor on harp and vocals)  out of Cincinnati. (I
would be really impressed if any of you remembered me from my time in
Smokestack Lightning in Durham, England in the early 90s, or my interludes
with the Kind Brothers in Rochester, NY in the 90s.) 46 Long has been
gigging and recording together since 2001, but due to family, work, and
life in general, we haven't released any new music since 2012.  But a few
years ago we found ourselves with access to a nearly empty house to record
in, and we used the opportunity to get a little loud on some tracks. We had
a hell of a lot of fun.

Starting yesterday, we are releasing one new track a day on Bandcamp, and
the whole album will be on Spotify, iTunes, etc. in a week or so. Here's
the link: https://46long.bandcamp.com/album/all-toms-fault . We will be
releasing the second tune this afternoon.

Harp-specific content:
 - I play Joe Spiers custom Hohners on all tracks.
 - I use a carved "Notch Canary" (circa 2006) Greg Heumann harp mic with a
vintage Sure CM element on the amplified tracks (1,2,4,7,8)
 - I play straight into a borrowed late '80s Fender Champ 12 on tracks 1,2,
7, and 8. It's really raw, really loud, and really prone to feedback, which
is exactly why we used it.
 - I play through a DanEcho delay into a '62 Princeton with a '58 p10Q
speaker on track 4. Lower gain tubes instead of 12AX7s. That's my main amp
that I hardly ever get to use. It sounds really good, in my opinion.
 - Tracks 3, 5, 6 are acoustic into whatever the engineer put in front of
me. a SM58 on track 5, a couple Blue ribbon mics, maybe. I can ask.
 - I play mostly 2nd position on this album. I play 3rd on track 3, and I
switch back and forth between 2nd and 3rd on track 4. There might be a
total of 5 overblows on the album. I'm not a technical wiz. I'm a 49 year
old school teacher. All you kids have turned into Howard, I swear. It's
impressive, my hat's off, and I tried a little at the beginning of the
golden age of chromatic playing on diatonic, and I learned how to do it,
but I never really assimilated it into my playing or how I write music.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Remember, it will take a week
for all the tracks to be released. I will send a note here when they're all
available, or you can start now and come back for new tunes each day!
Here's the link, again:  https://46long.bandcamp.com/album/all-toms-fault

Thanks for listening!

 - Blake

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