[Harp-L] Charlie McCoy, Buddy Greene Recogonition Suggestion

Opus314 . opus314@xxxxx
Thu Jun 4 19:06:53 EDT 2020

One way both of these amazing players could...
raise and maintain a higher level of consciousness in todays world..,.
would be to regularly publish YouTube videos and promote same on social
The technique has worked amazingly well for many harmonica players... and
others... but I'm not sure either of them would be into it... or even need
It's possible that both book as many gigs as they want,
And regarding Youtube & social media... their performance schedule and
other commitments may prevent them from becoming actively engaged in such
activities... however, as Adam Gussow has so brilliantly shown, all you
need to do is park your car in the boonies, turn on the camera, and have at
Also, if they need tech help they could arrange a long weekend and batch
produce a bunch of videos to be released every week, every other week, or
what ever.
Whadda'ya think?

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