[Harp-L] Gregoire Maret 'AMERICANA" review

Randy Singer randy@xxxxx
Thu Jul 23 23:23:09 EDT 2020

Has anyone listened to the new CD from Gregoire Maret, “AMERICANA”?

As a born American raised on American music, I was expecting songs on this CD that reflected my life in American music, arguably the greatest era of pop music.

I went searching for these qualities, given the name of the CD, “Americana”.

Aaron Copland/Ennio Morrioni/Western thematics
Gospel or blues influences
Rock and roll vibes
Progressive or traditional jazz songs
Songs of the Great American Road
Bluegrass or Country stylings.
RnB or Funk

I found NONE of these influences on this album (with the exception of a very disorientating and discombobulated  version of Wichita Lineman) and other non-descript songs that kind of wander around various key changes. 

This album should not have been called AMERICANA since it lacks any relevance to Americana music.
It sounds like a lugubrious and amorphous, much slower version of the GREAT Toots album called SLOW MOTION (minus the great songwriting) and called it "NO MOTION” or "NO EMOTION” (instead of Slow Motion) instead of AMERICANA, LOL

Is this is the EMPEROR that wore no clothes or the "chromatic version" of sugar blue and John popper? Lots of notes, no doubt.

Give it a listen, is it your desert island record that you will be influenced by and wear out the grooves with joy?

https://open.spotify.com/album/2lfX30k8kJIaTbPBgKy4dX <https://open.spotify.com/album/2lfX30k8kJIaTbPBgKy4dX>


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