[Harp-L] Please send payment thanks.

Chad Nordstrom chad.nordstrom@xxxxx
Wed Jul 8 22:54:32 EDT 2020

It was a false alarm. 

It appears the email was inadvertently sent by Micheal.

"Nothing to see here. Move along, move along." - Empire Stormtrooper soon to be out of a job

> On 8Jul 2020, at 2137, Chad Nordstrom <chad.nordstrom at xxxxx> wrote:
> It appears Rubin’s email has been compromised. Warning to those who got these unexpected payment requests.
>> On 8Jul 2020, at 2134, Michael Rubin <michaelrubinharmonica at xxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear Chad,
>> Please send payment for the upcoming lesson.
>> Thanks,
>> Michael Rubin
>> 512 619 0761

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