[Harp-L] Americas Got Talent harp duo

The Iceman icemanle@xxxxx
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doubt they even know about SPAH.....2 young guys playing Charlie McCoy licks and riffs - impressive to the "Citizens" because of the speed chops, but hardly originally creative.....AGT Producer contacted me months ago for a recommendation for harmonica player, so I put her in touch with Carlos del Junco, who submitted a nice clip of that Levy style "slight of tongue" with 2 moving lines happening at the same time. She finally admitted that, although it was amazing talent, Carlos' "story" didn't have the soap opera heart tug that they were looking for. AGT is mostly about those sad stories behind the participants, youngsters and/or handicaps overcome....and not about true talent for its own sake.

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Did you see the young harp duo on AGT? Who are they? Have they been to SPAH?

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