[Harp-L] Harmonica news

Ken Karpowicz karpowicz@xxxxx
Thu Jan 2 17:57:38 EST 2020

Thanks for that mention. I saw the movie and really loved how Robbie Robertson used the harmonica playing of Frederic Yonnet. That should bring even more people to trying to learn to play.

> On Jan 2, 2020, at 12:18 PM, John Kally <jkally3 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks, Mick for that info. Speaking of movies,  I haven’t seen any mention here (maybe I missed it, though, if so, sorry to repeat)  of the great work by Frédéric Yonnet on Robbie Robertson’s score to “The Irishman”, the recent movie.  Chromatic and diatonic, featured prominently in the early part of the movie.

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