[Harp-L] clogged harp

Steve moorcot@xxxxx
Sat Feb 8 18:01:48 EST 2020

Dunno whether my input would help, but here goes. 20 years ago Oskars were my go-to harps, but I did find that they were, if anything, fairly tightly gapped, and generally I'd go over the harp and slightly open a gap or three, more to suit my style of playing to avoid choking. I imagine that close gapping could lead to clogging if you are a "wet" player.  Just a thought. Also, with plastic-bodied harps I've always found that giving them a pretty good wash under a stream of warm water, front and back, followed by a vigorous tapping-out and a night outside the box to dry out,  after every session, works wonders for keeping your harps playing nice - and maybe reducing the issue of clogging. Shoot! :-)

Steve Shaw  
>> On February 8, 2020 at 2:28 AM Connie Estep <esteplectricco at xxxxx> wrote:
>> I play Lee Oskar 10 holw harps and have clogging problems when I play one
>> harp a long time. I play with several different groups as the only
>> harmonica player. One group meets twice monthly for 2 -1/2 hours and
>> everything is in the key of D. I had to buy another D harp to keep playing
>> the whole time as I was losing notes because of saliva clogging.  By
>> switching back and forth I can make it through the afternoon.  Any tips on
>> avoiding this problem?
>> Connie

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