[Harp-L] Did popper cheat?

Randy Singer randy@xxxxx
Fri Apr 24 23:18:50 EDT 2020

Hey All,

Our good friend and hyper harp master himself, the illustrious JEFF GROSSBERG may have stumbled upon a secret to the speed of Popper that mr popper may himself not want anyone to know. 

Judge for yourself,

Hey Randy,
OK, I think I figured out John Poppers secret speed technique...he turns on a fast delay peddle that doubles or triples the effect of his notes.

You can hear at 1:44.  You will hear longer held notes bring effected.  And the blazing effect to what is already fast, but not like HOW THE F**K FAST when not using delay peddle. 

His funky ass microphone is the key. He flips a switch that triggers this effect. 

Let me know if you agree:)))


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