[Harp-L] New Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna CD: The Birthday Sessions

Michael Peloquin peloquinharp@xxxxx
Tue Apr 14 17:18:38 EDT 2020

Bravo, Slim-
Beautiful tunes, playing on all instruments and such a sweet thing you two have going.
Make friends with music / Make music with friends.
As good as you have been since knowing you, you seem to always be growing as a musician, composer and producer.

The CX-12 has a distinctive tone, I thought the CBH 2016 would also, but it didn't seem so to my (ravaged) ears.

My math tells me you have a milestone anniversary this year–


Michael Peloquin


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Hi Folks -

Hope everyone's making it OK through the current pandemic.

Wanted to let ya'll know that today we released our new CD. There's chromatic harmonica on every tune, a couple of which are instrumentals. You can listen to or download it from our website free of charge, or order the CD (currently US shipments only due to the pandemic). It's also available on all the major streaming services.

You may have heard some of these tunes on our website or on YouTube already but all of them have now been tweaked, remixed, and mastered for the CD.

Some of the tunes have a primarily Brazilian jazz influence , while others are kind of country. There are a couple of swing tunes and a couple that defy easy categorization. Penny and I played all the instruments and there's lots of chromatic harmonica and pedal steel guitar (my latest musical hobby) as well as some clarinet in addition to our usual array of guitars, basses, and various virtual keyboard and percussion instruments. These are all songs that I wrote. The ones with lyrics were written as birthday presents for Penny. They're personal, from the heart, and in some cases humorous. I'm also delighted that Penny agreed to sing a couple of them (in this sense she's re-gifted them to me).

Listen, Download, or Purchase the CD here:


And do check out PT Gazell's wonderful review of the album:


Peace & Love,

- Slim

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