[Harp-L] New custom harp made by Will's Make

Mark Weber mailmweber@xxxxx
Sun Apr 12 10:30:20 EDT 2020

Hi all

I wanted to let you know about the new custom 3 octave chromatic harmonica with stainless steel comb, brass cover plates and a new revolutionary quick attach magnet system:


This prototype was a collaboration between Will’s Make harmonica manufacturer and me.
I appreciate all the valuable design input they provided to make the new quick-attach system a reality.

This harmonica encompasses a lot of useful  features found in other chromatic harmonicas and even more:

Slider package:
    -half moon shaped mouthpiece (similar to Seydel Saxony)
    -slider has only minimal contact points to reduce friction (similar to Polle Silver Concerto)
    -slider package consists only of mouth piece and slider (similar to the Easttop chromatic)
    -pockets are cut into mouth piece and comb to reduce slider friction (similar to Harmonica Art chromatics)
    -extended slide button to increase area for finger placement (similar to Tombo MU-01)

Comb (stainless steel):
    -fits Seydel Saxony reed plates (with long-life steel reeds)
    -reed plates can be separately attached to comb, 11 screws on each side (similar to Silver Concerto)

Covers (silver plated brass):
    -single reed chambers (similar to e.g. CBH 2012/16)
    -carved out channels (below mouthpiece) to retain moisture when playing (similar to Polle Silver Concerto)
    -new unique quick-attach magnet system which helps to take the covers off within seconds for maintenance work or cleaning (new feature)

Mark Weber 
Mobile: +41 076 784 10 64 
E-Mail: mailmweber at xxxxx
Blog: https://chromhistory.wordpress.com

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