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Hi Iceman, always good to hear your thoughts. Re. my ‘Harmonica and iPad Video #3:


In this particular case of using the Tonebridge app via a mic plugged into the iPad, I wasn’t so much suggesting you could sound like another instrument (in this case a guitar) as that you could instantly access the ready-made effects patches that famous guitarists have used, and apply that sound to your harp. Your harmonica will still sound like one, but will have the particular concoction of pedals/amp/cabinet sounds applied to it that were used in the guitar solo you have chosen, to flavour the sound.


You can hear on the video that the resulting tones come out similar to how a harp sounds with a mic plugged into a pedalboard and amp. This is just another way of achieving that amped harp tone. It’s easy, fast, convenient and free (if you own an iPad).


On your main point: Personally I’m very happy to have fun sounding like another instrument via Midi apps on my harp! But that’s a different road many, like you, may not want to travel down. Fair enough – as you say, “To each his own”.


Brendan Power

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It's interesting, but I'm always curious why folks want to make a harmonica sound like another instrument when the pure tone of a vibrating reed is so beautiful.  


For example, harmonicas played through those organ patches just sound weird - mostly because the harmonica players still play harmonica "harmonicky" instead of understanding how an organ actually sounds and trying to emulate that. Even playing a harmonica through a chorus pedal set on high sounds weird to me. 


To each his own. 


Some folks love marmite.....some just don't get it at all.


btw, don't let others play your harmonicas these days - too many viruses out there...


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The free Tonebridge app in the iPad is a cool way to instantly get the same

effects blend as used on legendary guitar tracks, on your harp! Have a

listen as I play a few classic riffs from Eric Clapton, BB King, Pink Floyd

etc on harp, with the same sounds as used on the original records:






Plus it has masses of pedals, amps, cabinets etc in there to make your own

sounds from scratch. A lot of Bang for no Bucks!




Brendan Power


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