[Harp-L] Major Cross Advantages Compared to Solo layout

Paul Baughman paulbaughman@xxxxx
Wed Sep 11 14:24:59 EDT 2019

Since the reason for changing the layout of the harmonica is to get a major scale, why not use the solo layout? The big difference I see between solo and major cross is situating the root on draw two. Then of course there is the switch at hole six. If the main impetus was to get a major scale out of a richter harmonica, DIY modification being probably the only option 20 years ago when Tony came up with this tuning, I see the logic.
Considering today’s availability of a symmetrical solo layout 10 hole diatonic what advantages are there in using the major cross layout? I am going to guess, being able to bend the root would be a reason, if that is possible on major cross. If you had a solo layout that was reversed so the root was a draw note, would you have the same advantages as major cross?


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