[Harp-L] The Story of Hohner Harmonicas...

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Mon Sep 2 17:47:53 EDT 2019

And how to play them.  Copyright 1950.  I have 4 surplus copies of this 
48 page booklet, all excellent condition with little to no wear.  There 
are various articles with stories regarding the history of Hohner, why 
you should play Hohner harmonicas, many images including harmonicas of 
that era.  Actual sheet music of songs you could learn to play like, The 
Lorelei and Faith of Our Fathers.  There is a section of lessons you can 
work through as your skills advance.  Black and white printed on 
something resmbling newsprint although they are not particularly 
delicate considering their age.

I ended up with these because the seller had something else I didn't 
have and the total price was reasonable.  Now you too can begin your 
journey in Hohner ephemera collection.  $15 including shipping.  Contact 
me directly if you are interested.

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